Who do you identify with from these 4 groups; a Titanic metaphor….

1. The musicians – nothing to see here folks, let’s just play a pretty song…as you drown.

2. The “hide under the covers”- they have relented, gave up, no hope..waiting to die.

3. The highly anxious & fearful – the poor lost souls running around trying to save themselves by any means necessary, hurting others as they search for their own life jacket or boat.

4. The helpers- those who are preparing the boats, getting a life jacket to each person, assisting people to get safely aboard the lifeboats and leave this sinking ship.

Can you see yourself in one or all of these scenarios at one time in your life? I certainly can as well. I have noticed that when I gave my life to Christ and as I spend more time with Him, the safer and calmer I feel, and it shows to others around me.

This writing was inspired by one of my favorite Instagram bloggers; Trisha Fenimore, a former atheist who chose to get in the lifeboat of salvation. Now she is shedding her light to all who wish to see.

God calls Christian’s to be the helpers, the light that is so needed in this world of fear and darkness.

It may be your neighbor, or the person next to you in line at the store. If you ask God to bring these people in your path, He will. Also take note; those people who categorize as 1 and 2, choosing to give up or ignore what is happening, pray for them and hand them over to God, don’t be distracted……continue to minister to the ones seeking. It is not our responsibility to convince or force anyone to believe, after all God gave each of us free will. Love them enough to give them the same right God gave you and me, never give up hope though……..there is always Hope with Jesus✨

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