What do you see in front of you right now?

Does your mind pull up the memory that is attached to it?

How did you come about obtaining it, do you remember?

Does it matter?

Why do we try to toss some thoughts and keep others?

Did you know your mind cannot recall just the good without remembering the bad? Why is that?

It’s the not-so-good that makes the good even more glorious.

I recently took on a new client, and noticed based on our first appointment, that there are some areas in my home that may provide the visual she needs to help in her home’s design. As I began taking each picture, I thought of how I came to have each individual item that made up the “complete thought” in the first place. Isn’t it interesting how that small purchase, led to another, and created something complete?

Without any of the small pieces of the puzzle, the entire story would have been very different. Do you see in this example how all of it matters, even the missteps you might encounter? And are they really missteps if they ultimately lead you to your unique story, or in this case design?

There is something complete in everything, but how often do we brush off the small monotonous details so we can get to the “next” thing, thinking we are spending too much time? Every one of those little pieces make up the very thing we are shooting for. It all matters.

I deeply care for each and every client, and strive to provide what they need, the individual attention so they feel supported. I try my best not to assume anything. It is vital not to take anything for granted as I want them to know their thoughts are the very ones that will move them forward, or not. We cannot make a decision on step two if step one is not complete. Each thought counts, but there is another side to the coin, it is not the only thought. It is merely a small piece to something much larger, and as important as it is, is almost pointless without the sum total of all the other pieces. Most times it’s the combined thoughts that create exactly what you wanted, even if one of those by themselves doesn’t. I tell my clients; “There is a science to the art, and an art to the science” one does not work without the other. The creative aspect is free-form and can be quite daunting if one isn’t used to it. This is very similar to trusting a God we cannot see or understand. This is my point: our faith grows in the unknown spaces, choosing to believe we are being taken care of, with every little thing that matters to us, it all works out in the end even if one detail wasn’t exactly how you envisioned.

As my beloved mom used to say

“All is well, and all will be well.”❤️

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