For the last 4 days I have been packing a client who is moving tomorrow!

I was able to see the new home yesterday, and I can’t wait to get it set up for them, and start their organization off from the very beginning:)

As I was preparing boxes, and packing, I thought there may be some “To Do’s” that people aren’t aware of.

1.  When taping the bottom of a box use the “cross” method twice, to reinforce the strength.  Also, bring the tape ends about halfway up the box.  This also strengthens  the grip of the tape.

2.  Cushion the bottom of the box, before placing items inside, use the packing paper.  Lightly crumple each piece placing it in the bottom. (approx 4 to 6 pieces) then begin placing your wrapped pieces inside.

3.  Use bubble wrap in between each layer of wrapped items.

4. *For breakable items*  Use crumpled paper to place on the sides, between the items and the box.  This cushions the sides in case the box bumped or hit.  Do the same “crumpled paper”on the very top of the packed items before you tape the box closed.

5.  Always use smaller boxes for heavier items, such a books, dishes, and crystal.

6.  When wrapping glasses, etc with paper:   start at the corner of the paper and begin rolling.  As you roll, fold in the sides, and let the paper crumple a bit, and continue to roll.  This adds cushion to the piece.

7.  When packing clothes on hangers (and you choose not to use the wardrobe boxes);  You do not need to take them off the hangers.  By using the large boxes, the hanger will fit just fine inside. Just set the clothes inside by folding in half, in increments of 5 or 6 at a time, laying in the opposite direction each time.  Works great!!

8.  Use bubble wrap for the larger items such a serving bowls, pitchers, pictures, and figurines.  Come to think of it, I use bubble wrap for ANY figurines, large or small.

9.  To pack Lamps:  Prepare the large box for these.  Tape the bottom using 6 cross motions, and place bubble wrap in the bottom of the box.  Take off the lamp shades (those will go in a different box) and screw the finial back on the top of the harp.  Wrap each lamp in bubble wrap and place in the box.  You will need to create a “stand-up” box for taller items.  Simply bring the folding sides up and run tape around them so they stay upright; at least 3 to 4 times.  This will create a taller box.

10.  Lastly,  if you decide you do not wish to do any of the above, that is “OK” just call me!  I will be happy to handle this for you:))

Happy Packing!