Let’s talk about your closet for a minute okay?

Is your closet so packed you can’t get another hanger on the pole?  Did you start out wanting your closet to look “rich” so you bought all “wood” hangers, or “plastic ones?  Are you finding  your clothes are falling off of them because they have no divits/grooves to keep them in place?

In my experience, and it’s not hard to agree with me, wood hangers take up so much room, you are limited on how many you can put on the pole(without clothes on them)!  I find they work the best for Guest Rooms, and or the Coat closet.

Plastic hangers are a bit better, they are not as big, but some of those hangers to not have grooves/divits either, and with just the right type of shirt………..falling!  Just saying.

“Huggable Hangers” ~ It is one of my most used product in a woman’s closet!   They are truly made for “our” clothes.  They do not move once in place PERIOD, and they take up half the space that wood hangers do.

They come in all colors, and can be purchased just about anywhere.  Some places call them something slightly different, but they do the same things.   You can purchase a box of 24, which comes with two different types of hangers, and as set of clips you can add to the pant style hanger.  You can also purchase the clips separately.  They come in a small box in the closet section of the store.

I am confident your investment in these hangers will be the BEST purchase you make!

Happy Organizing!