As my mind unfolds and develops thoughts for my blog, this one issue comes to my mind frequently yet, hasn’t, until today come to manifest itself to writing.

As I work with many families, the higher percentage is from the female side. It is a lower percentage of husbands calling me to assist them, but they do! Anyway, back to my main point, it has been made evident that even though the wife truly needs the assistance to get her home back on track, there have been husbands that have not agreed with this opinion, and believes she is home all day, and should be able to do this herself.

This can/has been a place of tension in the home. Even through her efforts to do this work herself, nothing really gets done, either because of the children’s schedule, her volunteer work, the house cleaning, or all combined, it seems impossible! There is another factor to consider, she may just NOT be wired to be an “organized” person, therefore this process totally overwhelms her. The down-hill spiral this can cause is not where anyone would want to be.

As an organizer, my life has always flowed around neatness and tidiness. It is a gift. I did not go to school to learn how to do it, I just DO it, and know what has to be done, and in what order. Not everyone is wired this way.

I have my own issues that overwhelm me, for example; Financials!! Uggh, that can send me over the edge! When my accountant calls me, I go into panic mode before I even pick up the phone. So I know how my clients feel. Their HOME, a place that suppose to be a place of peace and tranquility, causes them to feel this way. It is a debilitating place to be. It will crush the spirit and leave that person feeling hopeless, and feeling like a failure. I got into this business because NOONE should feel this way! We are all here to help each other. We were all given amazing gifts and talents that are different from the next person, so we can come together share the burden.

This is my way of asking those husbands/ or wives to consider that your spouse may not be wired to organize, and she needs outside assistance. It would be a blessing to your loved one to allow this “help” to come and clear a path for a better existence .

This new thought process can be life-changing for your partner!

Thank you ~