What grabs your attention?

Is it the person in front of you, or the task at hand?

Why are they important to you?

What happens if more than one requires your attention at the same time? How do you juggle that?

What does your priority list look like?

Who or what is at the top of that list?

Why am I asking these questions?

Have you ever been mentally blown away by a new perspective, that “light bulb” moment and it’s like your eyes were opened for the first time?

I really do learn a lot from Christian TikTok, I believe God is using these platforms for His glory even though the enemy is right there too.

A woman by the name of Nicole posted a video, telling of a true story of a dream Nikos Politis, a writer/composer had several years ago. He was visited by an archangel. He knew it was a warrior angel because of his armored garments and weaponry. This angel was singing, gathering his army together, worshiping God. He recalled how it was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard and was determined to recreate it here on earth. This song is in fact titled “A Song From Heaven.” I began my research and found it on YouTube. As I write this blog I am listening to it. It’s so powerful that everything I see in my home seems trivial, the Christmas decorations, my mom’s keepsakes too, they seem to fall away to its sound. Isn’t this exactly how God wants us to see the world in comparison to Him? His glory is so magnificent that nothing in this world, no person, place, or thing can hold a candle to it.

Before I began listening to this heavenly composition, my mind was full of menial tasks and timelines. It was random, scattered and a bit flat, until I let the song settle in my mind, and all fell away except the omnipotent presence of the Holy Spirit, the true priority to everything.

I am extremely grateful for that video, the song, and my opportunity to prioritize this day the Lord hath made. If we put Him first and foremost, He will show you your path.

Thank you Lord for your love and your words today.

Nikos Politis – A Song from Heaven

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