It is quite common to find a room with more than one or two uses.  If you can keep the room to one or two functions, it has a tendency to work well.  The more uses for the room you create, the more “stuff” comes in and very quickly becomes too cluttered to work at all.  At this point your initial plan for this room is non-effective, and you may have to clean it out and start over.

The next thought when creating a room with two purposes; which purpose is more visually appealing?

My suggestion for this, would be to stand at the doorway of this room, and utilize the parts of the room you see right away, for the more visually pleasing purpose.  There is always, yes I did use the word always, going to be a so called “hidden” wall, from the door, use that wall for the other purpose.

As you can see below, this room was needed for a playroom, and a sitting/music room.  This was formerly the main entry living room, but served no real purpose for this family.  Their idea to combine this was a good one, and has been actively utilized.   They brought me in to further create the space, define it, organize it, and beautify it at the same time.

The first photo set is the “hidden wall” where I decided to have the playroom~

The second photo set is the center of the room, where you can see where the “divide” ends and begins~

The last picture is the most visual from the foyer, and now allows the room to be viewed, and enjoyed.