Do thoughts keep you from sleeping, or going back to sleep?

Is there a time of night this usually occurs?

What action do you take if any?

If it’s a list of to-do’s you can make notes so you don’t forget, or something else?

Are they stories you’ve come up with because you have no idea what’s really going on?

Are those stories related to a sure fire doom & gloom that no doubt will occur, or replaying all your recent actions to determine how you could’ve been better?

Do you want to stop the madness?

My condominium complex uses the cluster mailbox system instead of having one on each property. I get that logic, however the potential of having your mail put in someone else’s box is dramatically increased this way. The other component is one I don’t understand; the number on the boxes are not the house numbers, they use a completely different numerical system for that. So not only does the carrier have to deliver thousands of pieces of mail a day, now they have to know the code that relates to the house number for delivery.

Over the past 3 to 4 months we have been having more and more trouble getting our mail. I signed up for the daily email that lets me know what is coming that day, and sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. Let’s now tack on the holiday season, I can’t begin to tell you what that has been like. Here’s an example where I had to put my foot down; I have a new client who lives in Florida and will be traveling there after the holidays to design her new place. She wanted to mail me the money instead of using another form of payment. My heart instantly started racing because I had no idea if I would ever see the check. After an explanation to her of my fear, she offered to send it certified, that did make me feel a bit better at least I would have to sign for it to be released to me.

According to my email it was to have arrived on Monday, it wasn’t there. I became worried. I didn’t submit it to God at the onset, and thoughts of it getting lost ran thru my mind at all hours of the night. I reminded myself that it is certified, and no one would be able to get a hold of it without proper identification, or so I thought. After multiple texts back and forth with the client keeping her updated, we made a decision that if it wasn’t there by Tuesday evening she would cancel it and resend it to my newly purchased P.O. Box. Yep, I was fed up and thought, this is just the best thing to do. Back to the story; on my way home Tuesday evening I thought I would check my mailbox one last time and guess what was in there? No, not the green slip saying they tried my door, but the actual check from the client! Apparently the carrier thought it was okay to sign for it on my behalf. Thankfully it made it to my mailbox and not someone else’s.(yes, I did put in a formal complaint).

Moral of the story: Do what you can, make any changes available to you, but ultimately know it is out of your control. Give it all to God and get some rest. The moment I spoke my concern to Him out of my mouth, and thanked Him for taking care of it, I felt a peace outside explanation just like the Bible says in Philippians 4:7 ~ And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Jesus Christ.

Our Father knows the beginning and the ending of everything. He is outside time itself. We can trust Him to use whatever happens to us for our good and His glory, to us who call Him Savior. Let this be a reminder to submit everything, even the mail! Thank you Lord for your faithfulness, and your words today.

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