Hello all!

Well first off, thanks to Liz Lee Media for upgrading my blog! I love it, and hope that it is a bit more specific for your needs.

My apologies for the lag of writing. I promise to get better!

I have started my travels with Beazer Interior Design again. My first week out in two months! I flew into Indianapolis, IN last Tuesday, being immediately impacted by the 12 degrees! But that wasn’t the best part. It sunk down to 1 degree by the second day, only to rise to 8 by late afternoon!

I believe the best part of my travel with these amazing Designers would have to be their research of the newest trends, and being there to see this vision come to life, in full color!! This is one of the main reasons choosing Order By Design for your home staging is the way to go.

I am scheduled for two more trips this month, next week to Raleigh, NC, and then to Phoenix, AZ the following week. I am always excited to go on another adventure!! Let’s see what creations/ideas I get to bring back with me:)