Happy Saturday friends.  I hope everyone in GA is keeping dry!

I recently worked with a client who’s challenge category was the “paperwork trail.”   As I sat with her and set up an easy filing system, she could incorporate into her schedule, I noticed her hesitating as she picked up a piece of paper.  She couldn’t identify how to categorize it.  Although it was clear for me, that doesn’t matter if she is unable to facilitate the new process.

Does this seem to be your challenge?  Is your In-Box as large as your recycle container because of this?  I noticed if she did not know what to do with that piece of paper, she was simply set it back down, and pick up another, etc. etc.     If you find yourself in this cycle, it would help you to bring in a third party to clarify, and simplify your desk, and your life!

I believe in the one touch system, however to get there, the filing/organizing system needs to be in place first.  THEN, it is quite easy to touch that item one time, and one time only.

Let’s get your “paper trail” lined with those proverbial bread crumbs!

Happy sorting ~