Have you ever thought of your motives behind your actions?

Did you do something because the person who asked was valued, and you wanted them to think well of you?

Did you agree to the assignment because you loved doing the “chore”?

Was God moving you to help, did you ask Him if you should?

Did you agree to help someone because they were influential for you moving forward?

Do you share all or some of the good things you do with others, why?

What does the invisible sign around your neck say?

This one is close to my heart and my nerve endings as well. I have been that person, the one who had so little self worth I needed to be affirmed from others to be “OK.” We’ve all done it, seeking validation because we wanted to be liked, or a part of the group. But the truth is, no one is responsible for your joy, not even a little bit.

I know I’m not alone when I say this, but I often felt different from those around me, like I never quite fit in. I so wanted to be included, I would make it worse by the neediness I revealed. Even as a Christian, knowing Jesus died for me, I still had an emptiness inside that was never filled with all the worldly things I threw in it. My perception that I was lacking, WAS the prison. It is satan’s goal to have me believe I would never be good enough, and if he could keep me there, I would never bother to spend time with God because it was useless, plus I was so busy worrying about my life.

How do I describe fully how grateful I am my loving Father never gave up on me? Not once did He condemn, or judge me for my ignorance. You see friends, He knows us so much better than we know ourselves. He has known you and I from before we were in our mother’s womb, who we would be and how we would go about each phase of our lives.

I’ve been saved for over 30 years yet just this year I see it’s the time I spend with Him is what fills that emptiness. The moment I look around to compare my life with another, I see how the enemy wants me to see and it brings nothing but heaviness, but then I look to Him and I lack nothing! I won’t say I never have those thoughts anymore, but I do know what to do with them, and from where they come. We have a real enemy in this world, but we have an even bigger God, who not even satan can overcome!

God is big enough to provide this gift to everyone, yes you too. He wants to show you the peace He’s given to so many, time and time again, whenever we’re in need. Give Him that emptiness, He’s the only one who can fill it.

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