Have you ever been fishing?

Baited a hook?

Caught the prize and had it for dinner, or simply admired your catch and released it back to its home?

What was your purpose for being out there?

As focused as we can be when it comes to a task, do you believe satan can be even more determined?

What is his purpose to bait, and what does he use on you?

I grew up in the south and my Papaw loved to fish. For as long as I can remember, my brother and I would go out to his camper by the water, and he would take us out on his fishing boat. My brother immediately fell in love with the sport, myself well just to be with them was all I cared about, and I’ve always loved being on the water.

My pastor spoke of how the enemy uses temptation to draw us in, and gave reference to the “Hidden Hook” satan uses once we are captivated. That shiny new _______, you can fill in the blank here; is it a car, a job, a new title, that one relationship, the list is endless. Please know, there is no right or wrong with any of these, but temptations do extend past the innocent “packages” too.

My point is this; as long as we are walking on this earth in this physical body, we will be tempted. Jesus was tempted, and He was perfect. As Pastor Hal said, we should not be surprised when we are being attacked by the enemy, he does not want us to fulfill our God-given destiny. Satan will use whatever worldly “package” he chooses, and he knows what works on us, to lure us to the “hidden hook.” He knows what can take our attention off God, even for a second. To ensure you are firmly grounded with Christ, submit all you are about to do to Him first then wait for His response, this ensures you are not being baited. If you think you may have missed His directive, seek Him once again. Our Father loves that we are eager to move forward and wants us to thrive, yet if left to our own devices, we will certainly loose our way. In Him we can be assured the path we walk is the best for us. He will never leave us without counsel, trust in His guidance today.

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