Are you suffering?

Did you get introduced to something and now you want more?

Do you really need it?

Is it actually better for you not to have it, but your flesh is throwing a fit until you give in?

As I spend more time on this planet I see so much consumption of every kind. Our flesh loves “stuff!” It grabs ahold of that new and shiny whatever and we will physically ache for it like a child with his or her most favorite toy, even though we already have a perfectly good one, we just got used to it and now it’s not special anymore, am I hitting a nerve? I am not judging, I am right there with you. We all have that thing or things we think about, “If I just had that, I’d be happy.” My bright & shiny new thing may look different that’s all. I heard this statement once and I cannot remember from whom, or the exact wording; If we deny our flesh, it will get very loud and demanding until we either feed it or it learns, then becomes weak. The spirit works the same. If we deny it it becomes weak, however it does not yell and throw a fit, it simply becomes quiet and small. Whatever we feed grows, good or bad. You may be in want right now. You may think your life is not full because of that, that’s the lie. Our enemy is the ultimate deceiver. We need nothing above what our Heavenly Father gives us, and He gives us everything we need. The flesh will tell you that God doesn’t love you or care about you because you don’t have that thing you’ve been praying for, it’s just not true. Don’t let the prince of this world convince your flesh that you don’t have everything already, it would serve us not to be looking around anyway, our eyes need to be focused on above, the One who gave us life. As we do this, our spirit grows and we realize we are truly blessed. (Each one of us can list at least 10 things we are grateful for). When spirit connects with its true source, nothing else compares. You will see the things of this world will all deteriorate and fall away, not God. He is and will always Be. He is the Great I AM. Don’t you want to be connected to the Everlasting, the One who truly loves you and wants the best for you instead? I do!

I am happy to be back from my vacation. It was hard to leave, I love my friends in Florida. My flesh definitely threw a fit for a short time, but because I focused on my blessings, it’s now weaker and my joy is returning….see how that works.

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