How do you go about filing all your thoughts?

Are your categories helping or hurting you?

What method(s) have you chosen to deal with the daily influx?

Are you continually searching for new and better ways when you are overwhelmed?

Did you know one person can have up to 60,000 thoughts in one day, how do you keep track, much less handle it?

I may have mentioned it before but I am now in my 16th year running my business. To say organization is required to keep on top of it all is an understatement. Although part of my business which I love, is organizing clients, personally I tended to skate through the paperwork part. I did “just enough” to get by but that’s it. I knew in the back of my mind where I kept those mental archive files, I needed to bring them out and find a better way. I’ve said it before I do not believe in coincidences, well my new filing system was about to make its appearance by way of my brother. On occasion Steve will come to my area for business. He was doing a presentation and I always make it a priority to see him as it is not very often work brings him here.

I specifically remember him sitting at the island in my kitchen, making some notes on a tablet. It wasn’t any tablet I’ve seen before so I asked him about it. He began to show me some of the cool things it could do and I was fascinated, but it was rather costly. The phrase Cost is only an issue in the absence of value came to my mind, it became the determining factor. Because of my lack of working knowledge I let the cost weigh my decision, so I quickly put that “file” in my archives, and closed the drawer. Fast forward; I have been using this tablet to organize my entire business and it has become a key player in keeping on top of absolutely everything! There is no coincidence the inventor chose the name “Remarkable.” I can’t imagine running any business without one especially if one doesn’t have a staff to help.

Do you know that God cares about every thought you have? He’s interested in your busy times as well as your quiet ones. He has the answers you need, even before you know you need them. Why not let Him into your life and help you thru each thought? He takes the ones you don’t need and replaces them with peace that literally surpasses all understanding. Then He goes even farther and showers you with grace and mercy you could never earn, because of Jesus.

It is possible there is great value in the places you only see cost right now. Open your heart to the greatest value there is….Him.

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