Have you ever sought advice from a counselor?

Have you noticed the dramatic increase in therapy conversations on social media over the last couple of years, or more?

Why do you think this is occurring? I have my own thoughts about this and could go in several different directions, so I’ll choose the path the Holy Spirit led me to…..relief of suffering; low self esteem to be specific.

We are being taught by this world to question what we had once known to be right and upstanding, even the Bible. One of my favorite online Christian pastors Jerry Flowers Jr. was talking about who we are allowing to write our unfinished story, after all our story will not be finished until Jesus returns for us, then we will be complete.

For every question mark, we are desperately looking for a period to put in its place, and we are not being as selective as we need to be where we are getting the punctuation.

This quote from Jerry I found to be incredibly powerful; “Insecurity has caused us to downplay what God has called us to display.”

Fill in this blank: Am I a good _______? How many words can you think of; friend, parent, teacher, business owner…the list is endless if you fix your thoughts on them, and this is just one area of your life, couple that with all the other things you feel you need to be doing, and you are easily moved to pick the most convenient counseling source you can find to remove this suffering and validate your purpose and existence on earth.

God is the Author and Finisher of each and every life, after all He created us. Have you asked Him who you should seek counsel from? It may very well be that friend you see at church, or that M.D. who was referred to you by your neighbor, but remember as great as our God is He will not force His way into your life until you give Him permission, He is too loving and kind, free will is yours. With that being said, I urge you to choose His will, not your own, seek guidance from Him first and He will lead you to the help you need. God is faithful.

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