Are you familiar with those statements beginning with “They say….”?

Where did they come from?

How did they become the status quo?

How many can you recall, and why does it matter?

According to experts with Psychology Today, “habits form when new behaviors become automatic and are enacted with minimum conscious awareness..”

What does that mean for you and I and how does it apply to our lives?

I’ve mentioned this in past writings that over 70% of our mind works from the subconscious, not the conscious, so if this is the case, how easily is it for us to accept things as truths simply because of repetition…very! We spend much of our lives recreating the previous day(s) because it is hardwired. We really don’t even need to think about it anymore. And we wonder why some are so anxious to get out of town and go on a vacation at the drop of a hat. Have you noticed the number of trips have increased recently? I have never seen anything like it. My Aunt and I were talking about this the other day. I believe I can speak for her when I say even though are current situations do not include much travel, we are very thankful for all we have, and where the Lord has placed us in the walk called life. Gratefulness is the key here.

As our walk is about community, which includes others though, we find the coordination with even one other person is becoming more limited because of this very thing.

My hats off to those who have worked very hard to be able to go. I especially enjoy the photos they post. There is one particular adventure, taken by my brother is especially carved in my memories; his summit to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro!It was incredible to watch thru his eyes, and I am so proud of his accomplishment. He actually did me a huge favor, I was able to experience it and not actually do it! If you know me at all, I couldn’t care less about climbing, much less running. I digress.

So how do we get back to enjoying our everyday life, not just at vacation time? God wants us to live each day to the full and overflowing. I believe it starts with being grateful for every little thing, not just the big ones. Gratefulness forces our mind to become aware of the moment. It moves our thoughts from the subconscious, into the conscious. If we become obedient to His Word when He tells us “Do not worry about tomorrow…..” I believe God is saying that if you’re fully present in today, you will more easily see what I am doing, and it’s all for your good because I love you. If your heart and mind is full, it really doesn’t matter where your physical body is located. Let the Creator of the Universe fill you with His Joy today!

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