Do you have a testimony that another needs to hear?

Did you know the test you came thru may be exactly what someone is about to encounter?

“How do I know who that is? “When will this happen?” Do we really know what someone is going thru if they don’t tell us, or if we’re not listening?

Which is the greater testimony;

God answering your prayers, or

Your life of peace and joy while waiting for the prayers to be answered?

We are a walking talking testimony of God’s goodness, IF we allow His light to shine so others can witness.

Many feel they are not worthy to be a witness because their particular sin is too great. “I can’t possibly make a difference, who would listen to me with the past I’ve had? God couldn’t possibly want me or be able to use me after all this time.” Did you ever think that showing patience, love, and understanding while going thru your difficult valley IS the light others need to see? “If they can be at peace with what they are going thru, I want what they have!”

My mom was that person, for me. She was the best example when it came to showing God’s power in the midst of her cancer, with all the pain and inconveniences it brought. I have a very vivid memory sitting on her bed next to her while she lay in her hospice room. Her entire conversation was about me and how sorry she was that I had had such a difficult upbringing. She held my hand and shared how proud she was, and I started crying, I couldn’t believe this now frail human being, the person God chose to be my mom and literally being overtaken with cancer is making ME feel better. That right there my friends is a testimony of God working thru another. He can use anyone at anytime, I’ll never forget it. She allowed God to speak thru her, it would’ve been perfectly understandable if she wanted to talk about her suffering, but that wouldn’t have been my mom.

I wanted to be there for her, but she told me what a gift I was. Who received the greater gift? We both did, because we allowed God to work thru us. He can do all things with our permission and submission. Remember who God led to do great things all throughout the Bible. These folks had a serious past, but with God they also had a future, they just had to be willing to hand it over to God so He could guide them. Be someone else’s prayer answered, God has promised to take care of you and your needs.

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