I apologize for my lack of blogging, however I had some technical difficulties with V.N.S. “vanishing network syndrome.” Yes I am officially naming it because I have yet to have heard of such a thing.

At any point and time I could choose from a plethora of networks showing up from my neighbors, but without the passwords……..well.

After hours, yes hours on the phone with my cable provider and endless, transfers, cut-offs, different explanations, and one said I needed to talk to the router/modem manufacturer who in turn wanted $70 to fix it. It is rented from my cable provider!

FINALLY I was able to convince the a tech on the phone to set up an appointment with me. All that for 10 minutes, replacing the unit and “bada bing” all fixed! It was FREE too. Thank you to the very nice Tech who came to my house, listening to my long story, empathizing while correcting the issue. I am very thankful!

I will be posting again. Thank you for your patience.

Hope your day is amazing!