What are you designed to do?

Are you still trying to figure that out?

Can a foot do everything a hand can do?

Do our fingers see the rings they wear?

What if the eye wanted its own ring? That would be incredibly difficult, not to mention painful, and wouldn’t it limit the gifts it was given in the first place?

If you’re familiar with Joyce Meyer, she was speaking on this topic and it touched close to home for me. It all makes sense. I wasn’t meant to be an attorney or physician, there is nothing in my soul that longs to dig into that, but I dream about design and how things fit together in a room! I love finding just the right fabric or texture that brings out the clarity a space needs. I can picture it in my head and I will gladly lose sleep till I find it. If you are one of the many who are in a perpetual state of trying to find that purpose, my hope is that you would give yourself some grace. My path to finding my gift was not done by my hands, but of the One who gave me my hands. Trusting the process that you are right where you’re supposed to be, is the first step to being at peace and enjoying your life until God reveals where you are to go next. It was only recently, a year ago or so, that I realized I love to write, who knew? I enjoy the art of putting words together in an attempt to adequately convey all the thoughts in my head. As a child growing up, it was more natural to remain quiet. I didn’t always have to speak my thoughts, even though I felt they were wise, and others around me found voicing their thoughts much more natural. It worked out just as it was intended, and is still playing out to this day. Here’s an example; my one and only brother, who was more of a vocal presence, is a national public speaker, and I was constantly organizing, and rearranging the furniture in my room, how cool is that! Our unique gifts are given to us before we were born by the One and only God, our Creator. He loves us and will reveal all we need to know in the time we are to utilize it, and use it for His purpose. We may not know the effect we are having on others, but we could be the one person they need at that time.

Take a moment and simply stand, and observe. We do not always have to be doing something in this beautiful Tetris puzzle called life. God is the mover of His precious pieces. Let Him move you into the destiny designed specifically for you when the time is right. You’ll get there I promise, if you let the Author write your story.

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